Established in 1987, Bemorporce is a company specialized in the production of utilitarian and decorative porcelain.
    In view of the productive degree and flexibility possessed allied to the fruition of the most modern technologies, Bemorporce is reputable in the global market with a diversified portfolio and competitive prices, answering in full to the specifications and the demanded delivery times.
    Withholding a qualified and experienced staff of technicians accumulated with the technologies versatility of conformation, decoration and firing, the company also assures a quality that has allowed its growth to both domestic and external markets.


BEMORPORCE - Fábrica de Porcelanas, SA.
Rua do Reguinho - Apartado 147 - Bomsucesso - 3811 - 997 Aveiro Codex
Telefone: +351 234379450  Fax: +351 234379459  E-mail:

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